Theodor’s bees brand is about love, helping others - about the light and life in harmony with the environment, about physical and mental health.

The brand was established in honor of the first son, while expecting the second son. Theodor’s Bees are the loving parents of Theodor. The candles are made by mom, but dad provides unbelievable support without which the brand wouldn’t be founded.

Imagination met handcraft in harmony with the intellectual potential and talent to sell, which allowed the product to break out of the workshop.

Theodor’s bees biggest secret? Don’t tell anyone!

In 2019 beeswax met vegan and cruelty-free colors, after which the two met a 100% cotton wick, not impregnated with chemicals, and together they lit up the culture of candle burning in Latvia and the rest of the world!

Ņem vērā, ka viss www.theodorsbees.eu ir Theodor's bees intelektuālais īpašums un tā kopēšana vai pavairošana vai izmantošana bez atļaujas ir aizliegta.